Understanding How Bed Bug Treatments Work

Bedbugs Bed bugs are a well-known pest, especially in cities, apartments, and other places where they can roam from room to room. If you find them in your house, it’s important to address the infestation as quickly as possible before it gets too far. While some people try to take care of the problem themselves by simply removing some of their contaminated belongings, this doesn’t always work out as well as they would hope, since bed bugs spread quickly and hide in all sorts of places. Bed bug exterminators can walk you through some of your different treatment options.


When conducted by a professional bed bug exterminator pesticide treatments can effectively kill a bed bug population, though it usually takes 2 or 3 treatments. This solution always ideal, since pesticides can carry health risks for the people and pets that live in the affected residence. Bed bugs have also developed a resistance to a number of widely-used pesticides that can make them harder to kill overall. Generally, the industry is moving away from this as a treatment option, but you might want to talk with your exterminators to discuss whether or not it would be appropriate in your situation.

Heat Treatments

One of the most common solutions to bed bug infestations is to use heat treatments. If you get the infested area or items up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the bugs and their eggs will die within 90 minutes. To kill them instantly, you need to get the temperature up to 122 degrees, but generally, heat treatments bring the temperature higher than that just to be on the safe side. A bed bug exterminator can give you options depending on the extent of the infestation and the items that are affected. He might steam clean certain objects or place them in a hot box, or he might heat up the whole room.

Exterminator Freezing

Bed bugs aren’t just sensitive to high temperatures, though. Cold can kill them as well, and sometimes you can kill them by freezing them. Although some bed bugs develop a tolerance for cold if they’re exposed to temperatures around 32 degrees, this just means that when it comes time to freeze them, you should leave them in the freezer for a longer period of time. If you put the affected items in a freezer that can maintain a temperature of under 3 degrees Fahrenheit, the bed bugs should all be dead within a week.

Other Methods

An exterminator can discuss other options for you as well. For instance, if the bed bugs are in buildings other than homes, the exterminators could release some natural predators, such as spiders and centipedes, into the environment. If you catch the problem early enough, they may just be able to vacuum them up or otherwise physically remove them. You should be aware that this isn’t something you should attempt to do yourself, since you might underestimate the size of the infestation and it’s always useful to get a professional opinion. If you need a bed bug exterminator in St. Louis, MO, contact Gateway Thermal Solutions today to figure out the best treatment plan for you.