Tips For Avoiding Bedbugs This Spring

Bedbugs After the dreary cold winter months, everyone looks forward to the beautiful spring weather. With the approach of warm weather, a relaxing holiday will be on your mind. So, while the beautiful weather brings cheer it’s important to know of a pest that you don’t want to bring home in your luggage: bedbugs. Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers, meaning they often hide in suitcases, boxes and shoes, and travel well in backpacks and personal luggage. Bedbugs can be anywhere, but are most commonly found in hotels, motels, cars, buses, and trains. Getting rid of these pets is a challenging and expensive task, and you’ll need professional help. Contact a pest control company that are expert bedbugs exterminators in St. Louis, MO.

Bedbugs become highly active in the warm spring weather. Bedbugs thrive in moist and hot conditions, making spring and summer their ideal breeding time. You can easily prevent bedbug infestation in your home if you’re vigilant when traveling. Read on to find out effective ways to prevent bedbugs from traveling back with you from your trip.

Look For Bedbugs Signs at Your Destination

When you arrive at your hotel room, inspect the entire room before unpacking. Bedbugs hide behind the headboard; under lights; and inside dressers, drawers, sofas, and chairs. Check mattress, sheets, and box springs for dark black stains. Place your suitcases on a luggage rack only after thoroughly inspecting it. If see any signs of bedbugs in your room, notify the front desk and ask for an immediate change of room. Avoid moving to rooms right next to and above/below the room that’s infested, as bedbugs easily move back and forth through wall sockets and also via housekeeping carts.

Luggage Educate Your Kids

If you have college kids that are heading for a backpacking tour, let them know of the safety precautions they need to follow to prevent their luggage from getting infested with bedbugs. College kids often stay in dorms and apartments, which are notorious for bedbugs. Letting them know of the signs of bedbug infestation will help them keep them away from places that harbor these pests.

When You Arrive Home

Once you are home from your vacation, it’s likely that, in spite of all precautions you take, you may have carried some bedbugs in your luggage. Vacuum your suitcases before stowing them back in your closet. Wash all your clothes in hot water, and store clothes that go to the dry cleaner in a sealed plastic bag until they can be transported.

Prevent Bedbugs from Entering Your Home

Avoid buying mattresses, upholstered furniture, clothing, or anything soft from garage sales. Thoroughly clean secondhand furniture outdoors and inspect all drawers and crevices to check for bedbugs. Don’t place backpacks, shopping bags, or luggage directly on your bed.

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