How Dogs Help Bed Bug Extermination

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The first step in bed bug extermination is detection. Without accurate identification, a small infestation can easily be overlooked. That can allow the bed bugs to reproduce, which can result in a much more severe problem. Extermination can become more difficult, and you may have a much greater loss of property. Those unnecessary costs may be avoided with early and reliable identification of the pest problem. For bed bugs in St. Louis, MO, trained canines can be a huge help.

Consider the Scale

Even with experience and training, humans can only successfully identify low-level infestations around 30 percent of the time. That's a terribly low number, and it can allow bed bugs to go unidentified and untreated for far too long. In a single month, a breeding pair of bed bugs can produce over 150 bed bugs and another 130 eggs. That population explosion can contaminate bedding, clothing, and furniture.

By the time you've noticed red welts or itchy bite marks, the infestation has already become well-established. Since bed bugs are superb at remaining hidden, it's almost impossible to notice them throughout the day. They usually only come out at night to feed, while you're already asleep. Stumbling upon them doesn't usually happen. That's why canine detection has become an industry standard.

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canine Dogs are 98% accurate

Numerous studies have revealed that trained dogs are 98 percent accurate in detecting bed bugs. That makes them nearly three times as capable at identifying a bed bug infestation as a pest-control specialist. Bed bugs can easily hide in furnishing, behind wallpaper, or inside electrical outlets and stay out of sight of humans. But they aren't nearly as capable of hiding from a dog's sensitive nose. A trained canine can sniff out bed bugs, regardless of where they're tucked away. This incredible accuracy makes canine inspection remarkably reliable and early detection far more likely.

Time is an important Factor

Bed bugs aren't just annoying. They're a massive hazard for apartment complexes and hotels. They're quite capable of moving from one home to the next. With the speed at which they breed, and their ability to stay stowed away in luggage, they can spread like wildfire. Not only will you be appreciative of a quick response and fast relief from bed bugs, but your neighbors will be grateful as well. After all, no one wants to entertain bed bugs as house guests. The sooner bed bugs can be discovered and exterminated, the more likely they won't be able to escape to other locations. When it comes to pest control in St. Louis, MO, time really is one of the most important factors.

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