How a Canine Dog Detects Bed Bugs

Detection Dogs

Bed bug detection Detection dogs may seem like something straight out of a Patricia Cornwell murder mystery novel, but their uses have evolved in the past few years. They now participate regularly in sniffing out the location of more than victims of violent crimes and those sought in missing person cases. In fact, detection dogs can now be trained to locate bed bugs. So, whether you’re looking to eradicate bedbugs from your hotel in Central West End or you need to get the pests out of your rental properties in Tower Grove South, you can count on canine detection to help you in with bed bugs in St. Louis MO.

How Dogs Detect Bed Bugs

Here’s a brief rundown of how dogs are used to detect bed bugs:

1. First, you must understand that bed bugs, although small as individuals, present quite a presence as a colony. When they’re grouped together, they possess their own scent, which can be detected by the incredibly advanced canine nose.

2. Second, you must realize the canine nose alone isn’t enough to locate bed bugs. There's a specific training element that allows these dogs to locate these problematic pests. The use of training aids that simulate the scent of bedbugs are usually employed by professional dog handlers who train these canines to scent these insects.

3. A properly-trained bed bug detection dog should be able to sense bed bugs in small numbers. It should also be able to sense the difference between live bugs and eggs, spotting’s, and casings. This training component is important because it can mean the difference between a dog finding an active infestation and locating signs of deceased bed bugs. If you’re going to go to the trouble of treating a property for bed bugs, it’s essential that you be able to identify whether you’re dealing with an active infestation.

Eradicate Bed Bugs

So, when you’re looking to eradicate bed bugs in St. Louis, MO, be aware that detection dogs are a viable option. It’s important that you get to know the company you’ll be dealing with. Every dog detection business has a customized way of training and handling their dogs, so make sure the company you choose to work with can walk you through their process in a way you understand. Make sure they know what your expectations are in terms of searching the structure and how in-depth you want them to go. For instance, if the dogs find bed bugs behind heavy furniture, will company employees be willing to move it so the dogs can check behind it? And if the dogs cannot detect visible bugs due to high placement on a wall or tall furniture, will the company also have a backup visual inspection process in place? Dogs can be a valuable component in the bed bug detection process and using them can speed up the bed bug elimination process and allow you to get back to your everyday business sooner.  For information, please give us a call today (314) 445-4402.