Facts Businesses Should Know about Bed Bugs

Bed bug Bed bugs are gruesome little beasts. The bane of home owners and hotel owners all over the country, they're hard to find and hard to get rid of. However, if you think bed bugs are just a problem in the home, you're sadly mistaken. Given the bed bug's ability to hide just about anywhere, business owners need to be on the lookout for these little critters as well, and take all necessary action to exterminate them before the problem gets out of hand. Here are a few things you should know before seeking a bed bug exterminator company in St. Louis, MO.

Bed Bugs Can Survive Practically Anywhere

It's bad enough thinking about bed bugs getting into your bed, but they don't even need to sleep with you to survive. However, besides homes and hotels, bed bugs can thrive in dorm rooms, hospitals, trains, buses, and even office buildings. Bed bugs have been known to live pretty much any place where humans can be found. Lucky us!

They're Not Just for Cities

Since we're used to hearing about infestations in hotels in cities like New York, we tend to assume that bed bugs are a big city problem. Not so! Bed bugs can be found in all 50 states. Due to the higher density of the living conditions in big cities, bed bugs are more commonly found in urban areas. However, that doesn't mean bed bugs can't be found in rural areas as well. So, just because you live in a small suburb outside St. Louis, don't think that means you're off the hook.

Country home Bed Bugs are Tough

The reason bed bugs are such a nuisance is because they're very tough to kill. In fact, bed bugs have been known to live for months without eating. That's how they're able to hide in sofas, chairs, carpet fibers, anywhere for weeks and months at a time just waiting for a human host. They can also withstand extreme temperatures of up to 122° F.

Bed Bugs are Sneaky

These are among the most elusive pests in all the pest kingdom. They know how to stay out of sight during the day, and you may not even realize you have them until you wake up in the morning covered in bites. In office buildings they can hide out in the carpets, behind baseboards, behind switch plates and practically anywhere else just waiting for the right time to emerge for a snack.

They are Methodical

Bed bugs are seldom in a hurry. Once they find a host to feed on - and the opportunity to do so - they will continue to feed for up to 10 minutes until they are satisfied. The bite themselves don't even hurt, so it's unlikely the victim will be aware they were bitten until discovering the unsightly bite marks after the fact. Bed bug saliva contains an anesthetic. This results in a painless bite, and also has the effect of increasing blood flow, so the bug can easily get more food (otherwise known as your blood) into its system.

Long story short, bed bugs are horrible little animals. The more you're aware of the signs that you may have bed bugs, the quicker you can consult bed bugs exterminators in St. Louis, MO, so you can have them eliminated as soon as possible. Contact the team at Gateway Thermal Solutions to learn more about how we can eradicate bedbugs!