Common Hiding Places for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are devious critters that hide incredibly well. You may not even notice them until you have a full infestation. They can fit nearly everywhere, even between impossible spaces like the grooves in wood or between the stitches of a suitcase.

Even worse, bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of. Because they hide so well, they can resist nearly every form of traditional pest control. However, a good bed bugs exterminator in St. Louis, MO, can find where they nest and eliminate them from your home, killing the adults and their eggs.

You may be surprised to learn where bed bugs may be lurking. Here are the common places that bed bug exterminators find bed bugs.

Mattresses and Box Springs

Bed bugs love to live near their food source, which unfortunately happens to be you. They follow a hit-and-run feeding pattern, wherein they'll feed off of your blood and then retreat to their hiding spot. According to a study by the University of Kentucky, a whopping 57% of bed bugs hide in the mattress and box spring you sleep on.

They'll usually find or create holes in the box spring or mattress, then crawl inside and nest in the filling. While it will be very hard to catch them, bed bugs extermination services recommend you check your mattress and box spring for tiny black spots, especially on the corners of the bed. These are their droppings.

Nearby Furniture

Another small percentage of bed bugs will hide inside of furniture.I  They may hide in your headboard or footboard, especially if it's lined with fabric that they can easily hide under. They can also hide in your dresser or nightstand.

Living Room Seating

Bedbugs can also be in other areas of the home, like your sofa or living room chairs. They love to hide anywhere that you occupy for long periods of time. Bed bugs can very easily hide in the stuffing of a soft seat. In fact, almost a quarter of bedbugs can be found in a chair or sofa.

Other Hiding Spots

While bedbugs can also hide in baseboards, between walls, under rugs, inside of floor clutter, and in your curtains, these aren't their favorite hiding spots. As said above, most professional bed bugs exterminators find bed bugs directly under the spots where you sleep and sit.

Surprising Hiding Spots

Bed bugs have even been found in door hinges, cell phones, behind electrical outlets, in books, in pet beds and cages, and in cars. It may seem like bed bugs could be lurking anywhere, but your best line of defense against these blood-suckers is to hire a bed bugs exterminator in St. Louis, MO.