Benefits of Canine Bed Bug Detection

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Of course, no one wants to pay for a treatment that they don't need. Learn about the benefits of canine bed bug detection, so you can be sure that you're only getting the services that you require. Call today 314-445-4402. Mention our $75 off Web Special.


The primary reason that canine detection is so beloved by pest control professionals is that it tends to be incredibly accurate. When it comes to a low-level infestation, even trained, experienced humans can only make a positive identification around 30 percent of the time. Those are terribly small odds. If such an infestation were to be missed, it can quickly expand into a much more serious situation. In as little as a month, you could go from a small annoyance to a household-wide issue. That's not something anyone wants to face if it can be avoided.

Multiple studies have shown that a trained canine is 98 percent accurate at detecting bed bugs. That's a significantly higher success rate. In fact, canines are 250 percent better at identifying infestations than pest control professionals. Obviously, you'll want a trained canine unit looking for bed bugs rather than just the exterminator alone.


Sniffing out bed bugs isn't the only benefit. Canine services can also be used to rule out a bed bug problem. That's also remarkably helpful, and it aids you in narrowing down any trouble that you're having. Sometimes, what look to be bites may be an allergic reaction instead, or you could be facing a totally different pest issue. Eliminating bed bugs as the culprit is one step toward identifying the real problem.