6 Common Myths about Bed Bugs Debunked

Bed bug

With the resurgence of bed bugs in St. Louis, MO, myths have proliferated. After all, most people have been scared with a bed bug rhyme since they were little children. As if anyone could actually control whether the bed bugs bite. The mythic proportions have caused the real bugs to be seen in the incorrect light. Here are 6 myths that you should disbelieve:

Myth 1: They Spread Disease

While mosquitoes and fleas can transmit deadly diseases, bed bugs do not spread disease. However, they may affect you psychologically. Because they can disturb sleep and make people paranoid through their constant and unseen movements, bed bugs may make a lot of trouble, but they won't give you a virus or transfer bacteria to you.

Myth 2: They're Microscopic

Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. They are flat and about the size of an apple seed, unless they've been feeding; then they look like tiny sausages. If you scan your bed with the sheets off and don't see anything, you can rest a bit easier.

Myth 3: Bed Only

Bed bugs live near beds, in beds, and in the walls around the bed. They are small enough to live in seams and in electrical outlets. Unfortunately, they don't only live in the bed, but since it's close to their food source, they're more likely to be found there. Be sure to lift up any seams and look for black spots that are their waste production.

Bed bug eggs

Myth 4: They Hate Light

Bed bugs are nocturnal, but keeping your lights on won't keep them from coming out for a bite. If you know you have bed bugs, keeping the lights on or sleeping during the day won't protect you. Hunger trumps behavior patterns in many species, and bed bugs aren't any different.

Myth 5: Distinctive Bite Patterns

Bed bug bites affect people differently. Some have reactions that will cause what looks like a rash or redness, especially if multiple bugs have been feeding together. Others won't have any marks at all. Some people will experience itching. Others won't.

Myth 6: Rubbing Alcohol Kills

If you're looking to kill bed bugs in St. Louis, MO, know that rubbing alcohol will not do the trick. It will kill about half the insects that come into contact with it. The other half will live and multiply. Rubbing alcohol is flammable. Dousing your furniture in it will create a fire hazard. Calling in a professional will ensure that you get rid of the bugs without any problems.