3 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Home Bed Bugs

Bed bugs Bed bug problems can be a mix of scary, irritating, and even embarrassing. How could you possibly host guests when there's a strong chance that a bug will either bite or crawl across them? What if they take stray parasites out of the house with them, and you contribute to a neighborhood-wide bedbug infestation? Bed bugs exterminators in St. Louis, MO, have seen it all, and that includes massive home bed bug problems that may seem impossible to treat.

Did you know that bed bugs extermination is one of the most complex pest control tasks? Bed bugs are incredibly hardy creatures. However, there are 3 known ways to get rid of them. Read on to learn about bed bugs extermination treatment options that actually work, even if you don't currently have bed bugs. It always helps to be prepared for bugs that can very easily infiltrate your home at any time.

Set up Traps

Bugs may be steadfast, but they're certainly not intelligent. You can set actually set traps to catch and kill bed bugs. Apply sticky tape around your mattresses, around baseboards, and on clothes hangers. These traps will hold the bugs until they die. This is a good idea for people who suspect that they may have bed bugs. For example, if you wake up with small bites on your body in a triangular formation or see strange beetles in your home, you may want to set traps, so you can identify the bugs. Keep in mind that traps won't kill eggs.

Exterminator Call an Exterminator

Bed bug extermination teams have specialized, certified bug sprays that you can't access as an amateur insect killer. These sprays can get rid of most bed bugs. However, the exterminator will insist that you prep your home for their services, and that includes moving your furniture, removing your bedding, and putting away valuable goods. You may even need to leave your home for at least a short period of time. After the spray treatment, which should kill adult bed bugs and their eggs, a second application may be required to guarantee their death and keep new bedbugs out.

Perform a Heat Treatment

Heat kills most insects, even the most resilient ones. In fact, steam heat systems may be the best strategy for killing bed bugs. Steam treatments raise the internal temperature of your home up to 120 degrees, a temperature at which adult bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive. Heat is far-reaching and practically guarantees that the bugs will die. There's no avoiding the sweltering temperatures. If you're interested in a bed bugs heat treatment, contact bed bugs exterminators in St. Louis, MO. They can perform and manage heat treatment systems in your home.