3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

Exterminator A bed bug infestation is one of the most dreaded pest problems you can face because bed bugs are known for their tenacity and can be difficult to exterminate. Some homeowners are tempted to attempt DIY bed bug control to save money, but this is usually a mistake. Hiring a professional bed bug exterminator in St. Louis, MO, is always the best way to go. Here are the top three benefits of hiring a professional to do this difficult job rather than attempting it yourself.

Numerous Treatment Options

While you're sure to find plenty of websites outlining how to do DIY bed bug treatments, the problem is that most of these suggestions only utilize a couple different methods of bed bug control like insecticide powders and vacuuming. The professionals have numerous, effective options for treating a bed bug infestation. Although some of the methods may seem similar to DIY methods, you can rest assured that the products and equipment used are of better quality and will be more effective.

A bed bug treatment method that the top bed bug exterminators in St. Louis, MO, are utilizing in recent years is thermal treatment. This treatment method involves the use of powerful heaters that heat the affected room to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This method is very effective because the heat is able to penetrate all the hiding places bugs utilize as well as where the eggs may be sitting. These temperatures for specific exposure times kill both eggs and bugs so that all of the infestation is addressed. This method of treatment is difficult to do without the help of professionals and their equipment.

Laundry Money and Time Savings

DIY bed bug treatments involve a lot of time washing and vacuuming, which becomes expensive since time is money. Attempting to save money by doing your own bed bug control usually backfires and you'll end up spending even more money. DIY pest control methods are far less effective, which means you'll have to do numerous applications without any certainty that the treatments will kill all the bed bugs. Even professional insecticide treatments usually require more than one application, so you can be sure you'll spend more time and money on repeat applications when doing your own pest control. Professional bed bug exterminators in St. Louis, MO, have the training and experience necessary to locate and treat affected areas so that any potential problem areas won't be overlooked. They know all about bed bugs' life cycle, habits, and behavior so they can identify how widespread the infestation is and know exactly which hidden areas should be treated.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a bed bug exterminator in St. Louis, MO, is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the infestation has been completely exterminated. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that comes with DIY pest control methods. You may assume that your methods have taken care of the bed bugs only to discover a few weeks later that they've returned. Not only does the effectiveness of professional extermination methods make this less likely, but most bed bug control companies offer a guarantee of their services. They'll often offer follow-up inspections to ensure the effectiveness of treatments and will provide any additional treatments, if needed. Fortunately, follow-up treatments are rarely necessary simply because of the effectiveness of professional treatments, especially when thermal treatments are done.

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